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Chalmers & Astra Zeneca

Do you work in healthcare with problems that engineers could possibly help you solve? Are you an engineer working with techniques for the healthcare sector? Or are you just curious as to how engineering and medicine might meet and collaborate? On November 8-9, Chalmers Area of Advance Life Science Engineering will organize the Initiative Seminar Engineering Health with support from Sahlgrenska University Hospital, AstraZeneca, Sahlgrenska Academy and MedTech West. (Please note that the seminar will be held at Chalmers on Novemeber 8, and at Astra Zeneca on November 9).

The aim of these exciting days is to bring medicine and engineering closer together, as we strongly believe in the need for collaborations between disciplines. Did you know that William Chalmers left half of his money to the school now known as Chalmers, and the other half to Sahlgrenska?

This is why our seminar days are called Engineering Health – The Legacy of William Chalmers. The programme will stretch from the past, to present, and future challenges. A number of short pair-presentations will provide an overview of ongoing collaborations between engineers and clinicians. These will feature local researchers as well as international researchers who have succeeded in establishing translational activities.

This seminar is open to all interested. And please note: the presentations, lunches, dinner and networking is all free of charge! More information and registration –>here