MedTech West and Chalmers seminar with Dr. Kateryna Arkhypova from Ukraine

ES51, Department of Electrical Engineering at Chalmers Johanneberg

At this seminar, Dr. Kateryna Arkhypova will give a presentation with the title “What Makes Microwave Dielectrometry Valuable for In Vitro Diagnostics”.

Abstract: Different cellular malfunctions provide the basis of most common diseases, which are failed to detect in the early stages. One of the possible ways to evaluate the defect is to monitor receptor-membrane activity of different cells, the red blood cells, for example. The advances in microwave technologies have contributed to their widespread usage from industry and engineering to healthcare. Being contactless, label-free, and reasonably inexpensive, microwave-based techniques are particularly attractive for biomedical applications.

The presentation will focus on the concept of microliter dielectric sensing of human blood samples by waveguide technique at microwave frequency (39.5 GHz). It will be presented the summarized results of the 5-year research on developing a multidisciplinary approach to the characterization of erythrocytes dielectric response, in parallel with biochemical studies of their receptor-membrane activity, obtained within the scope of a case-control study for in vitro diagnostics of acute and chronic neurological conditions.

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