Innovative food with health benefits – regulatory framework on foods in the EU

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How do you set up your research projects about food with health benefits? Make sure you know your regulations!

Welcome to our joint seminar about food, innovations, and the EU regulatory framework.

Do you as a researcher have knowledge about the regulatory opportunities and limitations connected to healthy food products? The regulatory framework in the EU is fundamental when launching a food product – and the possibility to succeed increases if you in an early stage prioritize your research activities according to existing regulations.
In this seminar, Medfiles will guide you how to plan your preclinical and clinical studies to fit the regulatory framework and prepare for a future success. We will also listen to the story of Carbiotix, a research project turning into a ingredient company, and get inspired by Lantmännen – sharing their experiences about how to set up research projects in collaboration with the universities.

Mari Lyyra, Oy Medfiles
Kristofer Cook, Carbiotix
Lovisa Martin Marais and Karin Arkbåge, Lantmännen

A cooperation between Lund University (LU Innovation) and Swelife.
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Language: English

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