Inn2Health Cross Collaboration Day: Covid-19

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Inn2Health gearing up for better protective equipment against covid-19

Looking beyond the initial covid-19 crisis, improved long term working environment for healthcare workers has emerged as an area of unmet need. This is especially true when it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE), which are rarely tailormade for use during long hours, difficult conditions, hard labour, and varying personal requirements, such as wearing glasses and different body sizes. If you have ideas, innovations or want to have a go at solving these issues, you do not want to miss the next Inn2Health Cross Collaboration Day on September 8th.

About Inn2Health

Inn2Health is a collaboration platform introducing innovators and entrepreneurs to verified unmet needs in healthcare, aiming to catalyse the development of innovations that meet the needs of patients and caregivers – and at the same time support the growth and competitiveness of entrepreneurs and companies.

About the verified need

During the initial months with covid-19, efforts were focused on the acute increased demand for PPE. However, as supply and demand have reached a relatively stable state, the focus has shifted towards longer-term improvements and adjustments of the equipment. Inn2Health have conducted a survey among healthcare personnel to evaluate where to focus the efforts and how the situation can best be improved, and also discussed the matter with relevant managers across hospitals, primary care and elderly care units.

The Cross Collaboration Day will provide an overview of Inn2Health as well as more in-depth definitions of and background to the unmet need, before moving into focus group work. A detailed agenda will be sent out to all registered delegates in advance of the Cross Collaboration Day.

We hope to see you there!