Inn2Health COPD Cross Collaboration Day

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Tackling improved prediction of COPD exacerbations

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) affects more than 380 million people worldwide and is the third leading cause of death globally. The disease is progressive – meaning patients are getting worse over time. There are treatment alternatives, but currently no cure. One of the most important elements of effective COPD care is to avoid exacerbations (acute worsening of symptoms). Each exacerbation can be severe, potentially life threatening and cause irreversible damage to the lung. Also, patients are often reluctant to seek medical attention during the early stages of an exacerbation. Instead, they wait until symptoms are so severe that hospitalisation may be the only option. Solutions that could predict or identify exacerbations at an early stage would therefore be an important improvement of COPD care.

On September 15th, Inn2Health organises a Cross Collaboration Day focused on prediction of COPD exacerbations with the aim of engaging researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and companies from different sectors in the search for innovative solutions that can improve the care of COPD patients.

If your knowledge, research, experience, ideas, or entrepreneurship can be of use in tackling this important issue, do not hesitate to sign up for Inn2Health COPD Cross Collaboration Day.

About Inn2Health

Inn2Health is a collaboration platform introducing innovators and entrepreneurs to verified unmet needs in healthcare, aiming to catalyse the development of innovations that meet the needs of patients and caregivers – and at the same time support the growth and competitiveness of entrepreneurs and companies.

About the verified need and COPD Cross Collaboration Day setup

Improved prediction of COPD exacerbations is one of the most pressing needs in respiratory care today and was therefore raised as an area of need and relevant topic for Inn2Health. The project is currently carrying out an analysis among healthcare workers, patients and caregivers to shed light on some of the reasons and hurdles. During the Cross Collaboration Day, we will provide an overview of Inn2Health as well as more in-depth definitions of and background to the unmet need, before moving into focus group work. A detailed agenda will be sent out to all registered delegates in advance of the Cross Collaboration Day.

The Cross Collaboration Day will be held via Zoom. Link will be sent out following event registration.

We hope to see you there!