Information driven care and deploying AI


Do you want to get an introduction to the new paradigm of information driven care combined with an update from one of Sweden’s forefront projects when it comes to deploying machine learning in a medical setting?

The project Svenskt Medicinskt Språkdatalab (Swedish Medical Languge Data Lab) was set out to develop machine learning models and to build a foundation for how to utilise patientdata for improved decision making and patient centered healthcare. In addition, this autumn the book ”En handbok för informationsdriven vård” is realeased. You now have a chance to learn about the real life challenges and recent success stories from the AI experts in the project as well as get the high-lights from two of the authors of the book in terms of how AI and health data usage can be successfully implemented.

Markus Sagen, Peltarion
Olof Mogren, Rise
Markus Lingman, Region Halland
Kye Andersson, AI Sweden

Ulrika Ågren, Sahlgrenska Science Park

This is the second webinar in a serie of three.

A link will be sent out a few days in advance.