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HealthTech Nordic Conference 2022

HUONE in Copenhagen


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HUONE in Copenhagen


Amager Strandvej 390 in Denmark

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HealthTech Nordic

We welcome you to join our community and this event, where we exchange ideas and support each other in the effort of breaking the waves for better healthcare. Alongside with inspiring seminars and best case presentations, you´re invited to join us in taking a deep-dive into the largest barriers standing between us and a better, smarter healthcare. See you in Copenhagen 8-9 September 2022!

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Breaking the waves for a better healthcare

Join the HealthTech Nordic international conference  at HUONE in Copenhagen 8-9 September 2022 - with the ambition to find the way to smarter healthcare. The healthcare challenge is global, we need to work together to increase the implementation of healthtech.

Participants from pharma, IT, telecom, innovative startups, government, AI experts, patients & physicians, developers, VC and public healthcare all over the world, will gather to discuss how to reform structures and challenge outdated regulations that are holding the world back from implementing healthtech – the new industry. 

If you also believe this transformation needs to happen and that it can be done, this is the conference for you. One clear goal for us is to add you to our community, an international movement or task force if you wish, breaking the waves for modern healthcare in the making. 

We welcome you to take part in the continued exchange of ideas after the conference, pushing for the implementation of healthtech, bringing down the barriers and showing examples of actual, working solutions and best practise to the world. 

The HealthTech Nordic conference offers key notes, workshops, unicorns, various perspectives and encourages sharing of experiences. The moonshot is for us all to leave the conference with a game plan that actually leads to smarter healthcare systems – and tells us what needs to be done in order to get there. The conference thrives to be a starting point for an international tour, a series of meetings and activities where all participants follow up on the progress of the plan set at the conference and identify new possibilities. 

Together we can break the waves towards a smarter healthcare, for all.

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Register already today to secure your spot! The conference is free of charge and we will keep you updated very soon with more information about venue, programme and speakers. 

We are looking forward seeing you, 8-9th of September in Copenhagen - starting and ending with a lunch. 

Day 1: 12.00 - 16.00 
Day 2: 8.30 - 13.00