The Foundation for Successful AI-driven Drug Discovery Approach

Biotech Center, Arvid Wallgrens Backe 20, Göteborg

IRL och Galecto Biotech hälsar välkommen till ett seminarium där Tudor Oprea, University of New Mexico presenterar fyra ämnen. För mer information och anmälan kontakta Fredrik Zetterberg, Galecto Biotech AB., tel +46 76 324 04 95

1. ”Illuminating the Druggable Genome”, an NIH project focused on accurate data wrangling, processing and analytics for target discovery. IDG shows that there is a knowledge deficit with respect to 2 out of 5 human proteins (see also this NRDD poster, IDG data is available at
2. DrugCentral, an on-line compendium for drugs and drug targets, which can serve as basis for understanding the molecular basis of therapeutic action. Available at
3. The 3 pillars of AI-enabled drug discovery are: drugs, proteins and diseases. We will discuss some efforts in target prioritization for drug discovery based on systemic data integration.
4. InSilico Medicine ( ) is conducting EEG-based experiments to evaluate emotional responses of medicinal chemists when examining small molecules. This project will be briefly discussed.

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