Engineering for the human in an AI fueled future

Lindholmen Conference Centre, Lindholmspiren 3-5, Göteborg

How will the AI fueled future affect us and how can we through engineering create a human centered technology?

We have invited some of the most interesting and internationally recognized thought leaders from MIT and Harvard Medical School, in the area of autonomus mobility, deep learning and information driven healthcare, to share their knowledge and vision of the future.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to get inspiration and new insights from Bryan Reimer, Lex Fridman, Philip Anderson and Markus Lingman.


  • Automated or Autonomous: What Might Today’s Vehicles Tell Us About the Future? by Bryan Reimer, MIT
  • Learning for Human-Centered Autonomy and Beyond, Lex Fridman, MIT
  • Information driven healthcare – prerequisites, challenges and applied AI, by Philip Anderson, Harvard Medical School and Markus Lingman, Region Halland

Moderators for the day are Sofie Vennersten, Program Director Drive Sweden and Johanna Bergman, AI Innovation of Sweden.

The entrance is free, but you need to register. Please note that lunch is not included.


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