eHealth Community Meeting

Universeum, konferensrum Universalen, Södra vägen, Göteborg

Welcome to community meeting in conjunction with Vitalis2016 eHealth conference and exhibition, April 5-7 in Gothenburg. Register for the Community meeting here.

IBM Watson – how to get started

IBM Watson is pioneering a new partnership between humanity and technology. Cognitive systems that understand, reason and learn are helping people expand their knowledge base, improve their productivity and deepen their expertise. With cognitive computing, we are now able to see data that was previously hidden, and do more than we ever thought possible.

IBM Watson is already helping oncologists to make the right diagnosis, medical researchers to find new connections in their material – and even chefs to create new exciting recipes!

Navigating in the regulatory landscape, Medtech directive and app, development

Understanding the regulatory requirements when developing your app for health/medical purposes is sometimes challenging. Are there ways to modify the scope of your product, and how will your future customers react to that?

Tummylab, a Swedish Startup developing an app to reduce food-related tummy issues, presents their experiences from navigating the regulatory landscape – form idea to prototype, and product going forward.

Welcome to Vitalis!

After the community meeting, visit Vitalis 2016! The entrance to the exhibition area is free of charge. If you also wish to attend the conference section, please use this link from where Star Track delegates are offered a discount of 20%:

At Vitalis 2016 more than 3 200 attendees participate. Representatives from the health care sector, public authorities, academia and industry gather with the shared aim of building their knowledge and improving tomorrow’s health care. Knowledge building, networking and important discussion regarding the future of health care and how visions can be transformed into reality. Come and be part of it!

Register for the Community meeting here.

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Nordic Connected Health Star Track is a project aiming to accelerate the success and international scaling of Nordic startups to claim one percent of the potential global market, and create at least ten thousand new jobs.