Cybercrime – Can We Protect Ourselves?

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Please note: This webinar will be held in English. Same webinar in Swedish on 22 April.

In the wake of the global digitalisation, cybercrime is increasing at a catastrophic pace.
Today, it is very easy as a criminal to remain anonymous online. The wide variety of digital solutions offers endless opportunities to reach prospective victims without being detected. Things need to be done. However, it is wrong to believe that the police authority’s investigative work alone will remedy the digital crime wave. Instead, a shared social responsibility is required to counteract these crimes.

This short lecture will shed light on how digital crime occurs and what consequences this lead to in our society? Can we protect ourselves from this invisible threat?

• How costly is the Cybercrime for the society (with Sweden in focus)?
• EU reactions to the lack of cyber hygiene
• A situational picture, what is happening right now and how is it happening
• Why Cybercrime will never go away
• How easy it is to prevent large parts of the threats from occurring
• Why the Police Authority alone cannot handle the situation and why the Private-Public-Partnership is required for the future

This hour-long live webinar will have room for Q&As

Jan Olsson, Police Superintendent at the Swedish National IT Crime Center (Noa) / Swedish CyberCrime Center (SC3)

Continuing Education Institute-Europe AB

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