5thBiotech Hanse Forum


The Biotech Hanse Forum assembles key players and emerging companies from the Swedish and German (language region) Pharma and Biotech Industry and provides a unique opportunity to present to a selected audience. 

​Biotech Hanse, the Swedish-German Biotech Association, aims at connecting the biotech and life-science sectors of Sweden and Germany, respectively the Nordic and German language regions in general. The main focus areas of this non-profit organization are bilateral events, collaborations, exchange of knowledge and networking opportunities. Biotech Hanse addresses companies in the life science and medtech field, venture capital, tech transfer offices and other providers of services in this field. Biotech Hanse allows for personal membership as well as membership for legal entities like companies and other organizations. Biotech Hanse, founded 2014, is based in Stockholm and is led by bilingual (Swedish/German) executives.

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